Elevator Code Associate 101 Program

Course Information

Course Title: Elevator Code Associate 101 (ECA) 2 day

Overview/ Synopsis:  

Our codes today are the means by which the elevator trade communicates with other trades and industries. Without the basic knowledge or understanding of the fundamental codes a quagmire of repeated errors consumes success.

The scope of ECA 101 is to deliver a basic familiarization of codes, guides and reference material pertaining to people and material lifting devices. This 101 class is not intended to deliver an in-depth knowledge of codes and guides, nor precisely how to navigate them, but rather the intended purpose is to allow you and the codes to become acquainted.

The class follows a path of instruction that will guide the student through many of the codes used in the elevator business today. Topics include the purpose, type of equipment that is and isn’t include. How codes and guides are applied, including many need to know definitions, the layout or better said, how codes and guides are put together.

We created a strategy which will help you be better equipped to understand each code or guide, how they apply to elevators, escalators and other lifting devices and how these codes and guides apply to each other. Once completed the student will have an awareness of Statutes, Laws, Rules, ASME A17 & 18, NFPA and IBC codes and guides thus becoming better aware of their motivational and regulatory needs while working within the elevator industry.


Who would benefit:

If you have any involvement with Elevator/Escalators to include related equipment, codes and materials.

You need to know what codes do and a bit of how they interact and impact you in your career related to Sales, Installations, Modernizations, Engineering, Architect, building Management including Construction.

How about those of you that are involved within the regulatory side of the business, Administration, Boards, Committee or others having oversite.

If you’re are new to the business and you need to get a leg up to better understand what’s being said and why.

This class is for you, its intended to prepare a person to a well-rounded path of knowledge and entry level skill about the thing called “ELEVATOR CODES”

Knowledge is the path to success

If your already effective/efficient with the Codes and Guides that govern our industry, this class is not for you. It is a basic introduction and understanding of the codes, not necessarily in-depth detailed navigation class. It is written not to overwhelm the novice.

Standards Used in this presentation:  Whichever current Standard or Codes your using it doesn’t matter as this class is an introduction “to” not a detailed study of codes.

ASME; A17.1-2016 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators,

A17.2-2014 Guide for Inspections of Elevators and Moving Walks,

A17.6-2010 Standard for Elevator Suspension, compensation and Governor Systems

A17.7-2012 Performance-based safety code for elevators and escalators

A117.1-2017, Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

NFPA 70-2017, National Electrical Code (NEC)

NFPA 13-2013, Standard for the Installation of Sprinklers Systems

NFPA 72-2013, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

IBC-2015, International Building Code (ICC) International Code Council

A17.4-2015, Guide for Emergency Personnel

A17.5-2014, Elevator and Escalator electrical equipment

A17.3-2015 Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators



The following classes have been set:


Dec 6th and 7th in Des Plaines, IL 

Dec 11th and 12th in New York, NY


Please see the calendar for more information.