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Please refer to the information below in reference to your position as a Regional Officer. You must also be familiar with the Bylaws (see below).


Upcoming Meetings

Regional Officers Are Expected To Attend At Least One Board Of Directors Meeting A Year.

Feb 22-23, 2019 Tampa, FL


Message From The President:



NAESA International Bylaws

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“The directors and officers of a corporation, whether for profit or nonā€profit, are shielded from personal responsibility by the existence of the corporate entity. This corporate shield, however, may be pierced and the individual officers or directors of a company may be held personally liable for the acts of the company under some circumstances.

One of the most common reasons that courts permit piercing the corporate shield is if the corporation fails to observe corporate formalities such as maintaining and observing the corporate bylaws.

I have been told that there have been a number of occasions where NAESA, either nationally or regionally, has failed to observe its own bylaws. There


are two very significant problems that this may cause.

First, if NAESA engages in a pattern of disregarding its own bylaws, it is possible that a court may find that it is not a legitimate corporation. If that were to occur, then NAESA’s directors and officers could be held personally responsible for NAESA’s acts.

Secondly, if acts are taken by NAESA without following the corporate bylaws, it is possible that those actions may be held to be unenforceable if questioned in court at a later date.

For both of these reasons, it is essential that all corporate formalities, including observing the bylaws be faithfully observed at all times.” -Doug Tobler, Attorney

Please refer to the Bylaws when questions arise. If the answer cannot be found in the Bylaws, contact the Executive Office.

Capabilities Of The Executive Office In Support Of The Regions

We recognize and respect that our Regional Officers are volunteers who give of themselves to ensure our organization remains strong. We stand ready to assist with alleviating some of the burdens you may be currently struggling with. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can:

  • Arrange WebEx meetings for Regional Officers to conduct business between regional meetings (regions responsible for costs associated with this)
  • Develop a file of topics/bios from speakers so that regions need only submit agenda with topic/speaker noted
  • Provide lists of regional members and their contact information
  • Provide rosters for upcoming and past regional workshops, including any available contact information for attendees
  • Email regional information to members based on specific criteria
  • Provide a list of registration payments for workshops on a schedule specified by the region
  • Create mail merge templates for labels, name tags, etc.
  • Create templates for certificates and sign-in sheets
  • Email everyone on a specific roster or in a specific region
  • Compile proposals from various hotels provided we have a specific list of needs from the region
  • Negotiate meeting rooms, AV needs, food and beverage and hotel room blocks on behalf of the regions
  • Contract with desired hotel designated by region
  • Secure meeting room(s) as negotiated at a specific hotel with the NAESA credit card and invoice the region later
  • Reserve hotel room for regional officers utilizing that individual's credit card

The Executive Office asks that the Regional Officers supply multiple date choices, location suggestions and price ranges for workshops as well as updated contact information.

Responsibilities of the Regional Officers:

  • Prepare agenda for Regional Workshops
  • Submit agenda for approval to the Executive Office as well as QEITF, NAEC and jurisdictions near the location of the Regional Workshops
  • Print name tags, certificates and sign in sheets
  • Track attendance at workshops and submit sign in sheets / spreadsheet (if cards were scanned) to the Executive Office within two weeks following the workshop
  • Prepare minutes and appropriate reports and submit to the Executive Office in a timely manner
  • Submit expenses based on the limitations set forth by the Bylaws
  • Additional duties as set forth by the Bylaws

Don't hesitate to contact the Executive Office with any questions or concerns.

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